TAASTI (Tunisian Association for the Advancement of Science in Technology and Innovation) is a scientific association, founded after January 14, 2011. It expresses the will of its founders to participate in the national process of building a Sustainable Knowledge Society based on social justice, knowledge and sustainable development.


  • Contribute to the development of appropriate policies, especially horizontal ones, through a participatory approach, while ensuring adequate monitoring and evaluation.
  • Promote the performance of our universities to improve the employability of their graduates and the contribution of their research output and innovation to socio-economic development, particularly in their regional context.
  • Participate in the establishment of an industrial and services system based on green high value-added technologies and develop the information technology and communication infrastructure.


Participate in the design and the completion of a National Innovation System by contributing to:

  • The adoption and implementation of relevant policies.
  • The improvement of higher education and scientific research.
  • The modernization of the industry and services sectors.


Contribute to the well-being of the Tunisian citizen by enabling the creation of a Sustainable Knowledge Society.


  • Conduct scientific studies and field surveys.
  • Organize scientific meetings and training sessions.
  • Establish national and international cooperation programs.

Tunisian Association for the Advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation

U2S, National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia.

Tel: (+216) 52 399 463

Email: contact@taasti.org

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