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The Africa STI Policy Hub is a Community of Practice (CoP) whose main goal is to bring together stakeholders from the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) training and research in order to leverage STI for inclusive sustainable development in Africa, in developing countries and beyond.

This CoP was initiated by TAASTI in collaboration with UNESCO and its partners to stimulate, facilitate and boost the collective African STI capacities by initiating new training and research programs, exchanging experiences, discussing common challenges, and learning from each other as to how best to assist decision makers, support researchers and empower entrepreneurs to sustainably develop Africa.

This virtual space will connect policymakers, researchers and scientists in order to:

  • Reinforce North-South and South-South collaboration,
  • Strengthen partnerships between academia, industry, the public and private sectors, and the Diasporas, and
  • Create a global network of development innovators and problem solvers.

To achieve its goal the Africa STI Policy Hub provide the three complementary modules:

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