Knowledge for Freedom


Knowledge For Freedom – K4F is the student branch of association TAASTI. K4F gathers a group of engaged students. K4F aims to promote innovative thinking and technical skills of students through various activities of production, creation and learning. K4F activity is oriented by a three-phased process:

  • learn how to learn
  • use your knowledge
  • set yourself free


Can be member of K4F, every engineering student, motivated and aspiring to learn and contribute to K4F development. K4F members' selection meets also three criteria:

  • NO violence
  • NO exclusion
  • NO politics

It is also possible for clubs to be members of K4F, in accordance with the clubs membership rules.


  • K4F perform its activity through different Theme Groups.
  • Theme groups are open to all K4F members.
  • New Theme groups can be created, following the proposal of a K4F member.

Members ranking

K4F members are ranked by their engagement and their activity, as follows:

D. Egg Head: a new member.
C. T-Wiz: a member, who is active in his Theme Group, and brings in 5 new Egg Heads.
B. T-Ninja: a member, who is very active is his Theme Group, and brings in 10 new Egg Heads.
A. T-Guru: a T-Wiz or T-Ninja that creates and sustains a Theme Group.

Tunisian Association for the Advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation

U2S, National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia.

Tel: (+216) 52 399 463


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