About the recent forecast of the world by the year 2050, made by the office PwC (Price Waterhouse Consulting)

"Le Monde en 2050  : La trajectoire ascendante des sept pays émergents"



An article published by the Webmanagercenter magazine on 17 March 2017, written byMr Samir bouzekri andtitled :"Le Monde en 2050  : La trajectoire ascendante des sept pays émergents"


The article is a recap of  the recent study about the global economy by 2050, made by the british office PWC (Price Waterhouse Consulting)It shapes the main world economy aspects by the year 2050. It builds the forecast on a kind of "buisness as usual scenario". Thus, it take into consideration the general trends recorded in the past and exclude any extra-ordinary event or desasters.

According to this study the world economy's size could be doubled by 2050, thanks to the technology driven development. Besides, it hilights the growing share of the emergent countries out of the global economy which may reach 50%. In the counter part, today industrial leaders (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy & Japan). would not exceed the 20% of the world GDP.


Mr. Samir summerizes also the challenges facing the emergent countries to confirm their positions and catch up the living standards of the leaders. He also confirms that tunisia, even if it stills far away from theses nations, is facing the same challenges and needs to think and build its path on the insight of the global context.


To read the original article: click here


To learn more about the study please check the PWC website.

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