Lecture on the The 4th PhD Africalics Academy

Lecture on the The 4th PhD Africalics Academy

20 March 2016 Hammamet




The 4th PhDAfricalics Academy - Innovation Systems and Innovation Management in Africa was held in Tunisia 21st- 31st March 2016 and hosted by the high school of business at tunis, in collaboration with the University of Manouba,Tunisia.


“AfricaLics is part of the worldwide research network, The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (Globelics). The purpose of the AfricaLics PhD Academy is to support the training of African Doctoral students engaged in research on innovation and technology systems for development and innovation management in Africa. The Academy also aims to stimulate awareness of policy and management issues related to this field of research.” AfricaLics.


Prof. Jelel Ezzine had made a talk about : Energizing national, regional and continental innovation through a Pan-African Innovation eco-system (PAIES). The speech was a part of the inaugural presentaions.


Prof Jelel had  started its speech with the unveiling of the "Education Paradox", and then, invited the audience through  an exciting trip to guess "Who is Right, Who is Wrong" among the multitude attempt to energize the development of Africa. Later, "The Pan-African Innovation EcoSystem (PAIES)" vision was presented within the concieved agenda of three Phases: short, medium to long term, to hilight the promissing possible path of Africa.


The presentation had the following plan : 

1. The Clarion Calls,
2. The Education Paradox,
3. Visions of Sweet Tomorrow,
4. Who is Right, Who is Wrong,
5. From the What to the How,
6. PAIES is Born …,
7. … a Debut of a Solution,


A full version of the  presentation is available for view & download, on the africalics website through the following link.

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