Recap of the 18th edition of the report "The State of the Future (2015-2016)"

Millénium Project 2050 : L’état du futur 2015-2016



An article published by the Webmanagercenter magazine on 28 décembre 2016, written by Mr Samir bouzikri and titled : "Millénium Project 2050 : L’état du futur 2015 2016"


The article is a recap about the 18th edition of the report "The State of the Future (2015-2016)". It reminds the availability of resources to overcome the global challages facing the humanity if we succed to work together to conceive an inclusif and susstainable future for all.


Mr Samir hilights also the interest to consider the Millenium Project as a new perspective to think the future of tunisia among the global dynamic context.


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