The workshop " Neutralité du net" organised by the national telecommunication instance

Workshop: Neutralité du net

9 march 2017, from 8:30 to 16:30

Hotel le Sheraton, Tunis



The workshop " Neutralité du net" will be organized by the national telecommunication instance on 9 march 2017, at Tunis. The event is carried out by the occasion of the twinning project between Tunisia, Italy, Spain and France. This project has the goal to support the national telecommunication instance. 


The event will be honored by the participation of the main actors of the sector:  national and international market leaders : Facebook, Huwaei,..., ministers, specialized professors and civil society. They will discuss many topics : internet governance, the net and the consumer neutrality, neutrality of the net and the market perspectives... 


During the workshop two main sessions re planned to be animated by national and international experts in the field. Taasti participation will be mainly in the second session about the market perspectives.


To learn more about the workshop please check the attached agenda


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You can now watch the second session titled "La poltique générale et les consommateurs", coordinated by Mr Jelel Ezzine and learn about Internet Governance in particular and policy in general.

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