Yaani graduation ceremony of the Fellowship program

Graduation Ceremony of the YAANI Fellowship Program

11 July 2016 at Tunis

Convinced of the insufficiency of the public policy design's competence, The Tunisian Association for the Advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation (TAASTI), in partnership with the British Council (BC), designed and launched a capacity building program in policy analysis for the Tunisian youth, titled YAANI Fellowship Program. In fact, the program in question is the Tunisian involvement within the Young Arab Analysts Network International (YAANI) initiative, launched by the British Council in 2011.

The YAANI program
The Young Arab Analysts Network International program aims to promote the active engagement of young people in shaping public policy in MENA through policy analysis and policy debate. The project will empower young people to engage at a policy level in the development of their societies, promoting evidence-based and rational policy debate in a democratic public sphere. YAANI will thereby make a significant contribution in both providing concrete policy recommendations for a fairer, more inclusive and more prosperous future and in promoting policy analysis and informed policy debate as important components of any democracy.

Graduation of the first cohort of the Yaani fellowship program
In partnership between Mr. Nigel Bellingham, Country Director, and Jelel Ezzine, president of TAASTI, the Graduation Ceremony of the YAANI Fellowship Program for the first cohort, was held in Tunis, at 11 July 2016.

18: 00 Arrival and Registration, Tea / Coffee and Networking
18: 30 Welcome and Introduction by Mr. Nigel Bellingham, Director Tunisia, British Council
18: 40 A word from Prof. Jelel Ezzine, National Engineering School of Tunis and Former Director General of
International Cooperation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
18: 50 A word from Dr. Amel Karbool, Tunisian politician and business leader
19: 00 Certificates awarding to the fellows by Mr. Nigel Bellingham
(19 fellows)
19:15 Coffee break and networking
19.30 End of the event


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